Durante Rentals Joins Forces Barbara Corcoran
at Grow 2.0 Conference

No, Durante Rentals was not featured on Shark Tank. Still, Barbara Corcoran, television celebrity and real estate mogul helped us kick off the Grow 2.0 Conference at the Gateway to Entrepreneurship Conference Center at Westchester Community College.

This all-day conference featured 38 of the county’s most influential leaders from business, government, and academia on 13 different workshops and panel lead discussions.


A sample of some of the events:

  • How to Think Like a CFO, Ready, Set, Go!
  • What to Consider Before You Start Your Small Business
  • Show Me the Money
  • Let’s Get Social: Social Media as a Business Growth Tool
  • Location, Location, Location: From Site Selection to Regulatory Requirements
  • The Unfair Advantage: Driving Sales for Business Growth.


Barbara Corcoran Durante Rentals Chris JonesBarbara shared her wisdom on many topics, including how important it is to have fun at your growing company to keep employees engaged and excited about your mission. When you see someone is not a fit for your company, fire them fast. But during the firing session, tell the employee what they do really well and advise on what type of job might better suit them.  She said many people left their firing like they received a promotion.

Durante Rentals is a company created by entrepreneurs, and they are passionate about creating new businesses in Westchester and all of New York.  At the Grow 2.0 Conference, they lent their knowledge and expertise to help other budding entrepreneurs avoid the many pitfalls on the start-up path and help them get on the road to success. Durante Rentals, LLC was very well represented with CFO Christopher Jones as the Co-Chair and in charge of the content and theme of People, Places, and Performance.  Chris presented at the “How to Think Like a CFO” workshop and was a moderator of the “Show Me the Money” discussion, which had panelists representing venture capital, crowdfunding, microloans, and community-based loans.