Floor Scrapers

Floor Scrapers

Rent a Ride-On Floor Scraper Machine

At Durante Rentals, we rent ride-on floor scrapers for every flooring removal job – big or small.

Whether you need to remove carpet, ceramic tile, sheet vinyl, VCT/VAT, glued down hardwood, or elastomeric coatings, rest assured our ride on floor scrapers will get the job done. You’ll complete your job in less time than an entire crew working with hand tools or walk behind scrapers. Our riding floor scrapers offer the highest removal rates in the industry, removing up to 80-90% of floor coverings on the very first pass. Performance rates can be as high as 4,000 square feet per hour depending on the flooring material being removed and job conditions. Look at the chart below for performance rates by flooring material.

Our zero-emission machines are battery-operated, making them clean, quiet, and extremely simple to operate. There are no cumbersome cords or extension cords to worry about, making them #1 rated in maneuverability. Our ride-on floor scrapers average 6 to 7 hours of work between battery charges – perfect for a full 8-hour workday.

The sleek, narrow design of our riding floor scraper machines allows them to fit through most standard doorways and elevators. An assortment of attachments is included allowing you to tackle any job or application, including a ceramic tile tooth holder and carpet dicer as pictured below.