Traffic Control

Traffic Control

Rent Traffic Safety Equipment

Arrow Message Boards, Construction Safety Barriers, and Traffic Safety Cones

Traffic Control Display

With cars zooming by at high speeds and the drivers of those vehicles distracted by phone calls, texting, or eating behind the wheel – it’s no wonder traffic safety equipment is of utmost importance for any road construction project. Protect your workers, other drivers, pedestrians, and infrastructure by utilizing the proper construction safety supplies and equipment.

At Durante Rentals, we rent arrow boards, message boards, construction safety barriers (water barriers), and orange traffic cones for all your traffic safety needs. Whether you’re trying to convey important information to the public like live traffic conditions, impending weather emergencies, new traffic patterns, and Amber Alerts – or diverting traffic away from potentially hazardous road conditions – Durante Rentals rents and sells everything you need to conform to the latest traffic safety regulations.