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Rent Power Washers (Pressure Washers)

At Durante Rentals, we carry a large inventory of power (pressure) washers ready for rental or purchase.

Why rent or buy from anywhere else? Our professional rental coordinators will recommend the right power washer for your specific job. All of our power washer units are portable for easy pickup and transport. If you can’t pick it up yourself, we offer same-day delivery for a reasonable fee. We can deliver your power washer just about anywhere in the NY tri-state, including the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, New York City, Staten Island, New Jersey, Connecticut, Westchester, Long Island, Putnam, and Rockland. Save time and money. Rent your power washer from Durante Rentals today!

Power washers or pressure washers, commonly referred to, are high-pressure water sprayers made up of a motor, high-pressure hose, and a trigger. They come in either electric or gas-powered models. The smaller, lower-powered units are usually of the electric variety and are commonly used by homeowners for light cleaning projects around the house or yard. Most consumer-based power washers use cold water and can spray up to 2,000 psi. Great for cleaning garage floors, garbage cans, aluminum siding, cement walkways, gutters, or cars, they aren’t intended for heavy-duty projects. That’s where our industrial-strength power washers step in.

Our Industrial strength power washers are gas-powered and come armed with cold and hot water options to cut through tough grime, grease, oil, paint, mud, and caked-on dirt. They are used to clean heavy construction vehicles and equipment, building facades, concrete surfaces, tools, bridges, and more.