Our most popular scissor lift rental is currently the Genie 19 ft scissor lift, model GS1930. Although electric scissor lifts are pretty simple to operate, many of our customers still ask us to walk them through the Genie 19 ft scissor lift operation steps.

Genie 19 ft scissor lift exterior control panel










Starting Your Genie Scissor Lift

Once you complete your safety inspection, turn the key in the exterior control panel (below), so it is set to be controlled by either the internal (inside) or external (outside) controls.  Ensure the emergency stop button on the interior (1), and exterior control panel are both depressed.

Maneuvering Your Genie Scissor Lift

To steer the lift into the position you want using the main control inside the lift:

  • Again, make sure that the stop button is depressed both on the main and outer panel. (1)
  • Ensure that the machine is set to driving mode (4)
  • Depress handle on the joystick (3)
  • Use the buttons on the top of the joystick to move the wheels left or right (3)
  • Push the joystick forwards or backward to move the lift in your desired direction (3)
  • The is also a horn button that you can take advantage of at any time and a button that slows the movement of your lift (2)

: It is recommended that your look over the lift’s edge to make sure the wheels face the right direction before you start moving your lift.

Raising/Lowering Your Genie Scissor Lift

To raise or lower the lift from the main control on top of the lift:

  • Make sure that the control is set to the correct setting (4)
  • Depress the trigger mechanism on the handle (3)
  • Push the joystick forward to raise the lift and pull it down to lower it (3)
  • If you would like to use the horn or change the speed of the lift, you can use the corresponding buttons (2)

Exterior  Control Panel on Your Genie Scissor Lift

For convenience and safety, each lift also comes with a secondary control panel that functions similarly to the primary.

  • Make sure that the stop button is depressed.
  • Turn the key to set it to activate the exterior control panel.
  • Press the green button to activate it
  • Raise and lower the lift with the up and down arrows


For more information on the Genie 19 ft Scissor Lift Operation, or to rent a scissor lift, call 1-800-DURANTE.