Multiquip 2" Submersible Pumps
MQ Submersible Pump

Submersible pumps are designed to operate while completely submerged underwater. They are ideal for draining high levels of liquids in trenches, irrigation ditches, swimming pools, and any other areas needing dewatering. Their ease of use, low operating noise, and extended usage periods make them a favorite of construction projects and residential home users alike. So, how do submersible pumps work?

Submersible pumps, or sub-pumps, are typically cylindrical shaped and attached to a large storage tank above ground. They are meant for permanent and non-mobile usage. They also make sub-pumps smaller with portable tanks that are electrically powered and meant for mobile uses. Submersible pumps have a set of impellers at the bottom of the pump that creates movement and a valve for an extension pipe that extends above the surface. The motor and impellers are protected by a waterproof seal not penetrated and damaged by the liquid being pumped.

The design and operation of submersible pumps are relatively simple, making them the “preferred pump” by general contractors and homeowners. To operate, the pump is placed in an upright position and plugged into an electrical source that activates the impellers at the bottom of the pump. The impellers collect the liquid around the pump while pushing it upwards with airpower into the pump’s body. The liquid leaves the pump through the extension tube attached to the valve. There is usually a filter under the impellers to prevent debris from entering the machine unless you’re operating a trash pump, which can suck up debris and heavy solids.

Regular maintenance is required if pumping dirty or polluted liquids. Many manufacturers recommend running the pump with clean water after every use and lubricating the motor frequently to prevent wear and damage. A common disadvantage of submersible pumps is their susceptibility to corrosion and rusting. Although these machines are meant to be operated directly in water, it’s important to keep the electrical plug separate from the liquid being pumped to prevent electrocution.

Now that you know how submersible pumps work rent one today from Durante Rentals and stay dry. Remember, with hurricane season quickly approaching, the best time to think about your submersible water pump needs is directly before a major storm hits and not after, as the laws of supply and demand will be in full effect.