We see Infrared heaters just about everywhere. Restaurants use them to keep food warm. Public outdoor seating areas use them to keep people cozy, and construction sites utilize them during the cold winter months to keep workers and equipment functioning optimally. The versatility and power of infrared technology have made infrared heaters fairly common in everyday life.

How does an infrared heater work?

Infrared heaters come in many different shapes, sizes, and models. These heaters are composed of infrared bulbs that emanate infrared light rays. Infrared light is an invisible light wave that penetrates the object and safely heats it by using its radiation. The emission of this heat causes anything coming in contact with the rays to rise in temperature. They disperse the air evenly in the area around them instead of blowing hot air in one spot like conventional heaters do. Air travels through the back of the heater and a filter.  Once passed through a filter, a fan blows the filtered air through the infrared bulbs, which release infrared light. Once the filtered air travels through these bulbs, it becomes heated and dispersed through the heater’s front, resulting in the heating of the area around the heater. These heaters are best used in homes, outdoor spaces, construction sites, or wherever a room needs to be heated.

Other types of infrared heaters include spot heaters, which are infrared light bulbs that target an object to heat it. These heaters are popular because the infrared light coming from the bulb penetrates the object and heats it from within, rather than hot air being blown at it. Also, infrared light travels in a straight line, so if it’s being used outdoors, it cannot be diverted by other sources of air.

As a safety precaution, if you’re using an electric model, it’s advised that you do not plug more than one heater in the power source. If you’re using a diesel model, be sure to use diesel and not gasoline, or you may damage the machine and create a potentially dangerous situation.

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