WE NOW CARRY JCB 45′ Electric Scissor Lifts

NEW JCB S4550E 45′ Electric Scissor Lift

JCB 45' Electric Scissor Lifts


The new
JCB 45′ electric scissor lifts are the largest electric-powered scissor lifts in the range, with a 45-foot platform height and a 51-foot working height.

Drive motor protection and protected, tamper proof safety systems make the S4550E a robust, durable machine. The cost of ownership is kept to a minimum by using industry-standard componentry and easy to replace components. 

The JCB S4550E Scissor Lifts Feature

  • 45’3’’ maximum platform height (49’3″ working height w/ operator)
  • Only 50″ wide
  • 500 lbs. platform capacity
  • Roller supported deck extension for effortless extension even at various heights
  • Unique gate handle for easy and safe access and egress.
  • Power to the platform is standard.