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Rent Compaction Equipment

Rammers, Plate Compactors, Trench Rollers, Walk Behind Rollers & Ride-On Rollers

At Durante Rentals, we rent, sell, and service a full line of compaction equipment from rammers and plate compactors to trench rollers, walk-behind rollers, and ride-on rollers.

Compaction work is a requirement for many construction projects. It is vital to creating and maintaining structural foundations, retaining walls, roadways, and walkways. There is a multitude of tools and equipment dedicated to this process. Each piece of equipment is unique in its compaction ability and can compact specific types of loose material like soil, asphalt, sand, gravel, dirt, or clay.

Rammers, also known as jumping jacks, are available in 3,000lb and 3,500lb impact force units. Ideal for trench work, compaction around poles and in restricted spaces. Our rammers are designed for maximum efficiency, ease of handling, and operator comfort.

Plate compactors, available with either dirt, asphalt, or reversible plates, are ideal for a wide range of compaction applications. Small plates are ideal for jobs where rollers can’t fit or are not economical to operate – such as paving driveways or small pathways.

Trench rollers, also known as sheep foot rollers, are remote-controlled compaction rollers suitable for compaction of cohesive soil, both in confined areas such as trenches and roads. The infrared remote control system uses a line of sight control, which increases operator safety.

Walk-behind rollers are suitable for a wide range of soil and asphalt compaction applications.

Ride-on rollers come in several different sizes from 1 ton up to 5.7 tons. Ride-on double drum rollers are best for paving driveways, small streets, sidewalks, and bicycle trails.  Smaller ride-on rollers are also used to complement bigger rollers for compacting cross joints and restricted spaces.

We will deliver your compaction equipment just about anywhere in the NY tri-state area for a reasonable fee. We currently service the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, New York City, Staten Island, New Jersey, Connecticut, Westchester, Long Island, Putnam, and Rockland. Save time. Save money. Rent from Durante Rentals.

  • Ideal for dirt, asphalt, gravel, clay, etc.

  • Remote controlled Trench Rollers for max efficiency
  • Forward or reversible plate tampers
  • Gas or diesel powered soil and asphalt rollers

  • Reputable manufacturers like Wacker, CP, Dynapac

  • Rammers w/3,500 lbs of compaction force

Engine: Diesel
Drum Width: 84″
Compaction Force: 56,202 lbs.
Operating Rate: 22,300 lbs.
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