The combustion engine is dead. Well, not yet, but check back in a few years, and electric construction equipment will have probably replaced the combustion engine… Since the industrial revolution, gasoline and diesel engines have powered the bulk of our heavy equipment and tools, but change is on the horizon.

Eco-friendly equipmentDue to increasingly stringent emissions standards, the demand for environmentally-friendly equipment is increasing. Consumers are also looking for cleaner and quieter machines without having to sacrifice power or performance. The future of construction equipment is looking progressively green, which bodes well for our planet’s health and its inhabitants.

Progressive thinking companies like Takeuchi, Genie, and Sherpa develop the next generation of electric, solar-powered, and hybrid (electric and combustible engine) equipment. As time goes on, more and more companies join them. Perhaps one day soon, the combustible engine will go the way of the 8-track, the typewriter, fax machine, and other technologies that have been rendered obsolete.

Benefits of Electric Construction Equipment

Fewer Emissions – Unlike gas or diesel engines, electric and battery-powered engines produce zero emissions. The absence of toxic fumes creates a safer work environment and the ability to work in confined areas of inadequate ventilation. As an added benefit, you’ll be helping to save the ozone layer and our planet.

Lower Maintenance and Fuel Costs – Electric motors have fewer moving parts, translating into fewer breakdowns and less downtime. No need to worry about changing fuel and oil filters or checking fluids, or replacing leaky connectors and intake hoses. Electricity is also cheaper than both gas or diesel.

Less Noise – Electric equipment produces less noise. The quieter operation allows job-sites to work through the night even when close to residential communities, helping companies save money and meet deadlines. In New York, noise-producing construction equipment is not allowed before 7 am or after 6 pm. Less noise also means a decreased chance that the operator develops hearing loss, which many construction workers develop later in life.

Reliability – Electric motors are more reliable and durable than both gas or diesel motors, which means fewer overhauls and more time spent working. The number one culprit when it comes to lost production on the job-site is non-working machinery.

Avoid Hefty Fines – As government emissions regulations have gotten tougher and tougher, fines have increased dramatically, especially for those in emission heavy states like New York and California. Avoid expensive fines, job-site shutdowns, and the wrath of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).


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