Durante Rentals supplies the top 10 apps for contractors success. Download these contractor apps and make more money while working smarter, not harder.

Every day the construction industry is changing, and new technologies push the bounds of what we can build and how we make it. With over 68% of American adults owning a smartphone, the Android and Apple app stores have come out with some amazing applications that have revolutionized the way contractors are doing business. Below are the top ten hottest construction apps on the market today

1) SmartBidNet

SmartBidNet is an amazing new app that allows contractors to send bids, invitations, manage their private network of subcontractors, and instantly compare bids across the United States online. Their unique system also streamlines prequalification and provides a platform for secure collaboration on sensitive documents, all from the palm of their hand. This web-based platform’s unique centralized dashboard allows project leaders to manage participants, communications, and files, to bring the workplace with them anywhere on earth 24/7.

Viewpoint Construction is an essential app for anyone who wants to get the maximum efficiency out of their workers and equipment on job sites. The software solves some of the most common issues with tracking labor, time, and productivity on any job. The app allows workers to wirelessly enter their work hours and costs precisely from a smart device. The information is transferred automatically to project managers for approval, sending that information via the app for fast processing via V6 payroll software. The app can be used by an unlimited number of people and can even be accessed outside of network coverage by android devices.

The app also solves the common challenge for many equipment owners of accurately tracking machinery usage. Viewpoint field manager offers an easy-to-use application that enables users to quickly and accurately enter and track equipment time in the field from any Android-enabled smart device. This app also includes a feature that tracks production units, allowing users to view daily and job-to-date totals and see how daily quantities will affect the real-time counts.

While the full version of this app may be a bit pricey, the time and money that contractors stand to save by investing in the Mobile Field Manager are worth the investment.


3) ColorSnap® Visualizer

Now you can find inspiration for that perfect color to match your project anywhere you go. With the ColorSnap® Visualizer for mobile, you can point your smart device at any picture, instantly pick apart individual colors and generate color swatches that match your color palette.

The app will even recommend similar colors and colors that coordinate well with your chosen pallets. ColorSnap® Visualizer also creates instant previews of your color in various sample images of rooms, including bathrooms and dining rooms. These preview images are updated automatically with your paint selection and furnishings that coordinate well with your color palette.

Photos can also be captured from Pinterest or uploaded directly from your smart device. The app will allow you to take colors from those images and generate a preview that you will show to clients on any renovation or design job.


4) DWG FastView-CAD Plan Viewer


Looking for the perfect app to show potential clients your CAD drawings and schematics while also allowing you to make changes on the fly? DWG FastView-CAD Plan Viewer has all the features that you will ever need.

DWG FastView is fully compatible with 2D/3D DWG drawings. It can smoothly open DWG drawings from Autocad, progeCAD, BricsCAD, and ZWCAD and view CAD design like Autocad drafting, Revit blueprint and Dxf. etc.

With this app, you can create, browse and edit all of your CAD drawings and blueprints, etc., of any size absolutely free directly from your smart device. The service is available on or offline and does not require formal registration at any time. It also allows you to export your drawings into several formats, including PDF, JPG, PNG, and share them on DWG FastView. Users can also take advantage of the “view” and “edit” modes, maximizing their options for how they want to access their drawings or display them to potential clients.


Truckast is basically Uber for Masonry contractors. The app allows users to order ready mix concrete from their smart device and deliver it directly to their job site 24/7.

Users can also track delivery times, how much concrete has been delivered, and how much is pending for budget forecasts, all with the touch of a button. The app allows contractors to verify that the correct materials are used in each mix and tracks any delays or safety issues as they come up. Appealing to contractors in various industries, this app removes the uncertainty and potentially the hours on the phone that contractors have had to go through in the past. It also takes the weight off the back of contractors who constantly worry about tracking the materials that go into any given job.


6) gUnit – Currency & Unit Converter

gUnit isn’t just a rap group anymore. Have you ever been stuck trying to remember how many gallons are in an oil barrel or how many kilograms are in a pound for imported construction materials? gUnit – Currency & Unit Converter solves these problems and more with their universal unit converter. With the click of a few buttons, you can convert between nearly any unit instantly, completely solving the confusion that has plagued everyone from experienced contractors to scientists at Nasa for decades. The units of measurements are separated by topic, making locating the type of conversion you need fast and easy.


7) The Home Depot App

Believe it or not, the world’s largest home improvement specialists have created their own app, and it is a must-have for all home improvement specialists. The Home Depot App allows users to browse through their 700,000 items and place orders online instantly for either in-store pickup or free delivery to a home or work site.

 The app is packed with useful features, giving you the ability to locate stores, review your latest purchase, and buy eGift cards that are delivered within seconds to your inbox.

Have you ever spent half an hour wandering up and down the aisles of Home Depot trying to find a specific screw or doorknob that you need for your project? Along with its handy store locator, the app now offers users store-specific information the second they walk into a Home Depot branch, including maps, local ads, and workshop schedules.


8) Dimensions By Pocketdemo e.u.r.l.

A top-selling app in 5 countries, Dimensions By Pocketdemo e.u.r.l. has combined 13 tools into one convenient app. Imagine receiving a complete set of measurements for a property within moments of stepping foot onto a job site. Combining your phone’s camera, maps, GPS, and a revolutionary new “sonar” system, this tool can create amazingly accurate measurements and render them with stunning 3d graphics right from the palm of your hand.

Dimensions By Pocketdemo e.u.r.l. can measure the dimensions of any room and store them for building accurate floor plans later on. The app also has a smart satellite function that can measure the surface of gardens, land, fields, etc., with accuracy well beyond what you would expect from a satellite view.

Users can also utilize the app’s onboard caliper with a precision of .073 mm, allowing measurements of even the smallest objects. This description only scratches the surface of the features of this fabulous tool by Pocketdemo e.u.r.l. and at only $0.99, this app is a must-have for anyone in the contracting business.

While there are many levels on the Apple app market, most suffer from severe accuracy issues. Stanley Works have built a product that offers close to %100 precision every time. The app is easily calibrated and has a feature that provides helpful tips for improving accuracy.

It also offers useful information about other Stanley products and Stanley’s history.  Users can customize their level with various skins, and the lightweight app has a more limited impact on space and battery life than some of the other apps in this list.


10) Roofing Calculator

Roofing Calculator: Regardless of whether you want 30 yr. and 50 yr. shingles, Steel and Aluminum Metal Roofing Shingles, Standing Seam Metal Roofs, or low-slope and flat roofs, using EPDM Rubber Roofing, this app will instantly generate a cost estimate for your roofing project. Simply enter the details, including the area and materials you will be working with, and this app does the rest.

The app also lets you either recommend local contractors to work on your roof or allows contractors to enter their names into the Roofing Calculator database of trusted local roofers who will be suggested to users of this exciting app.

Download these top 10 apps for contractors and start making more money while working smarter and not harder.