In 2000, the smartphone was connected to a 3G network, allowing wireless access to the internet, putting all sorts of information right at our fingertips. Soon after came the rise of the apps – a game-changer for many industries, including the construction industry.

Measure twice, cut once – a mantra contractors have lived by for generations. With an overabundance of construction calculator apps on the market, we’ve handpicked our top three, making it easier to calculate measurements, material costs, quantities, and more.

1- Concrete Calculator

Concrete Construction Calculator iconHave you ever ordered or mixed too much concrete? How about too little? Either way, you miscalculated your needs, and it cost you time and money. With the concrete construction calculator app, you never have to worry about estimating concrete material costs again. Have confidence in smaller patio and driveway pours as well as larger poured wall, footing, and rectangular slab projects.

This concrete estimation calculator app is actually 14 calculators in one. They all estimate concrete in bags or cubic yards, alongside estimated material costs. The app includes calculators for estimating circular slabs, rectangular slabs, post holes, volume, area, block fills, wall fills, gravel, footings, steps, mortar, rebar, circular columns, poured walls, and mesh reinforcement.

You can enter your dimensions in centimeters, inches, feet, yards, or meters and receive answers in standard or metric measurements.

Download the Concrete Calculator and never miscalculate your concrete material needs again.

2- Feet & Inches Construction Calculator

Feet and inches construction calculator app iconWhether you’re a general contractor, homebuilder, carpenter, architect, landscaper, or estimator, calculating measurements is a daily part of the job. One wrong calculation, even as small as 1/16th of an inch plus or minus, can ruin materials, put you behind schedule, and cost you money, not to mention frustration.

Sure, you can do this math by hand, but this easy-to-use app makes calculating faster and more accurate and takes the guesswork out of working with fractional measurements.

Other cool things this construction calculator can do:

– Works as a scale calculator
– Elevation conversions on the fly
Convert feet-inches to decimal inches
Divide by distance and number of cuts

Download the Feet & Inches construction calculator and make it your go-to measuring app.

3- Civil Quantity Estimator

Civil Quantity Estimator App IconThis construction app is excellent for general contractors, civil engineers, mason builders, site engineers, and even the average Joe. Civil Quantity Estimator contains various construction calculators for estimating paint, steel, flooring, plaster, tank volume, cement blocks, bricks, and more.

With the recent spikes in steel, lumber, and general building material pricing, this app can be a big money saver when estimating project costs. Here’s a small sample of what this construction app can do:

Excavation Calculator – Calculate the amount of dirt that needs to be excavated for a house or building construction.
Construction / House Cost & Material Quantity Estimator – Forecast cost and quantities needed for most house and building construction materials like paint, flooring, windows, bricks, cement, electrical, and more.
Paint Calculator – Calculates the area to be painted and estimates the required amount of paint, primer, and putty.
Staircase/Steps Calculator – Helps determine stair parameters such as rise, run, total treads, angle, and more.

Download the Civil Quantity Estimator and never miscalculate your material needs again.