Excavators have a wide variety of uses and come in an array of sizes. The smaller ones are called mini excavators or compact excavators and can do everything their big brothers can, albeit on a smaller scale. Whether you’re digging trenches or holes, demolition, heavy lifting, dredging, or general grading, mini excavators get the job done. Period. They’re rugged, versatile, and dependable if properly maintained.

However, not all mini excavators are created equal. Quality and dependability vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. At Durante Rentals, customer satisfaction is our primary concern, so we always welcome honest customer feedback. Armed with the latest customer comments, reviews, and testimonials, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 mini excavators based on performance, mechanical history, and overall customer satisfaction. 

Top 5 Mini Excavators

1. IHI 9NX2 Mini Excavator


  • Zero Tail Swing
  • Slim Entry
  • Wide Activity
  • Operating Weight: 890 kg.
  • AB Quick Change Capability
  • max Digging Depth: 1570mm
  • 9.8 HP @2400 RPM’s


2.  Komatsu PC35 Mini Excavator

  • Closed Load Sensing System
  • Minimal Noise
  • Automatic Shift Down
  • Operating Weight: 3755 kg
  • Stage 2 Emission Controls
  • Swing Speed: 9 RPM’s
  • 29 HP @2400 RPM’s
3.  Takeuchi TB180FR Mini Excavator
  • Full Rotation
  • Zero Swing
  • Rotates Full 360 Degrees
  • 64.6 HP
  • Operating Weight: 18,370
  • Automatic Climate Control
  • Arm Length: 6ft 7in.
  • Maximum Digging Depth: 14ft 11 in.
4.  Caterpillar 302.7D CR Mini Excavator
  • 20.7 HP
  • Operating Weight: 5886 lbs.
  • User-Friendly Operation
  • Automatic Swing Lock
  • Split Front Window
  • Simultaneous Operation
  • Side Mounted Engine
5.  Hitachi ZX48U-5A Mini Excavator


  • 37.8 HP
  • Operating Weight 5070 kg
  • Reduced Fuel Consumption
  • Easy Service Unit
  • Rugged Bx-Section Blade
  • Easy-to-Read Multi-Monitor
  • Optimal Controllability
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