At Durante, our customers usually rent mini excavators for their digging abilities, so they are sometimes pleasantly surprised when we ask them if they need a breaking hammer or grapple with their rental. With the right attachments, our mini excavators can be helpful for a variety  of tasks around the job-site. Let’s dig into three excavator jobs our machines are capable of.

3 Jobs Made Easy With a Mini Excavator Rental

1. Demolition with a Mini Rental Excavator

Mini excavators are well suited for a wide range of demolition projects. Attachments like buckets and clamps (thumbs), allow you to tear down even the most stubborn structures. Hydraulic breakers are perfect for demolishing pools, stone paths, roads, driveways, retaining walls, and foundations. Watch the video below to see a Takeuchi mini excavator in action demolishing a house. 


2. Clearing Vegetation and Debris 

Mini excavators are an effective tool for clearing debris and vegetation. More specifically, they are helpful in clearing out dead trees, roots, small rocks, branches, shrubs, and debris. Just strap on a hydraulic thumb or a mid-sized tooth bucket to your mini excavator and you’re ready to go. The excavator’s tracks distribute its weight evenly, allowing you to glide over delicate landscaping without sinking. Here is a video of a Takeuchi mini excavator clearing dirt and trees.


3. Using Your Mini Excavator Rental for Grading and Compaction

Grading and compacting can take hours and require various specialized equipment like walk-behind compactors and skid steer loaders. However, with the proper attachments, you can get the job done more efficiently with your mini construction excavator.

Using either your grading or trenching bucket, grade your work area and tamp it down. Your grading bucket will also allow your excavator to be used for back-filling and leveling. Read this excavator bucket guide if you need help selecting the proper bucket for your application. See a Takeuchi mini excavator here using its grading bucket.


Mini Excavators For Rent in New York City and Surrounding Areas

For information or advice on these excavator applications, such as digging for pools and septic tanks, or to purchase additional attachments for your rental excavator, visit us online at or call 1-800-DURANTE today! Remember, we rent excavators in New York City and its surrounding areas such as Astoria, Bronx, West Nyack, including Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey.


Frequently Asked Questions

How hard is it to operate a mini excavator?

Operating a mini excavator is a fairly straightforward process. Once you become familiar with the controls, it will take a few practices to feel comfortable. Before using the equipment at a live job site, try starting it on a leveled, open area away from other equipment to get the feel of it. At Durante Rentals, we understand the importance of using construction equipment properly and safely, which is why we offer operator training.

What are the limitations of a mini excavator?

Considering a mini excavator’s smaller size and lower power, it is best to not use them for large-scale excavation or heavy lifting tasks. Its compact design restricts the depth and reach compared to a larger excavator, affecting performance in extensive digging operations.

Do mini excavators tip over?

Like any small machine, if you don’t balance the weight of your mini excavator properly, it is possible for it to end up tipping. To prevent the mini excavator from tipping over, follow proper loading capacity, make gradual movements and turns, avoid steep slopes or uneven terrain, and have attachments on properly. Our operator training covers safety tips like this and more.

How high can a mini excavator reach?

The large range of mini excavators can reach as high as 17 feet and a maximum dump height of a little over 19 feet and varies between 69-74hp.