So, who makes the quietest air compressor? Though 100% zero-noise air compressors do not exist, some come with lower decibel (dB) levels, making the machines much more comfortable for the operator. We found a few well-known brands for their durability and power, but most importantly, their ultra-silent operation. These machines are oil-free, which means that they require low-maintenance, can be used in any weather, and are perfect for occasional use around the house, shop, or job-site.

quiet Keaser air compressorAir compressors are versatile machines capable of handling an assortment of applications. They come in different sizes with varying levels of power. One of the biggest complaints about air compressors is the amount of sound they emit. Most compressors are typically very loud by nature, making it both difficult and dangerous to work with them for long periods of time. Compressors vary from 40 dB to 80 dB in sound, where 60 dB is a standard and tolerable level for most people. The amount of sound a compressor makes depends on the space it’s in and what tools are being used with them.

California Air Tools

This brand specializes in air compressors and air pumps with a focus on durability and performance. They also place importance on quietness, which is evident with the CAT 4610A-220V and CAT 1630 models. These “quiet” air compressors produce only 60 dB using a dual-cylinder system, instead of one cylinder, which distributes the noise equally and ensures a tolerable working environment. They are easily portable and carry almost 3,000 hours of use.


Though GM does not specialize in “quiet” air compressors, the GMC Syclone 1630 is an ultra-quiet air compressor that has become extremely popular since its debut. Reviews of these air compressors suggest that they may be one of the quietest compressors on the market, operating at a tad bit below 60 dB. Size, performance, and quietness – what else could you ask for in an air compressor?


Rolair created the Rolair JC10 with noise reduction and performance in mind. Like the other air compressors mentioned, the JC610 operates at 60dB and is only 39 pounds, below average for compressors of this capability. It operates at 2.3 CFM, which is enough to power attachments like airbrushes or power tools.


The DeWalt D55140 operates at 69 dB. While not as quiet as the other units, it is still considered a low noise emission model compared to larger compressors. Weighing in at only 24 pounds, it’s the lightest machine of the four tested, which makes it easy to transport. The 1-gallon tank is small but suitable for smaller jobs.

The one drawback of these machines is that you often have to sacrifice power for sound. Though they’re extremely capable for smaller jobs such as powering nail guns or inflators, they may not be suitable for large contracting jobs.  If you’re looking for a more powerful, industrial-strength air compressor, check out our inventory of air compressors for rent and sale at

Air Compressor Noise Tip: You can temporarily subdue the sound of your noisy air compressor using a silencer. This accessory is attached to the compressor inlet and absorbs the sound waves that pass through it.

Air Compressor Safety Tip: Never use compressors for breathing air as it may be contaminated, and always remember to handle these powerful machines with caution and protective gear.

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